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For those of you that want to learn more about Permaculture Design we offer a full Permaculture Design Course that looks at the connections between social and ecological permaculture. Our course runs on weekends from September-December. You can find out more about the course here.

students in the design studio

Guest Lectures

We are also available for public speaking, keynotes and guest lectures. Please contact us for rates.

Short Workshops

We offer a range of workshops in whole systems design from edible landscaping, food security, and mushroom cultivation to assets-based mapping. Please contact us for a full list of workshops and rates.

Client List:


University of Massachusetts

Bay State Health

Springfield Public Library

Wesleyan University

Master Gardeners Association

Northeast Permaculture Convergence: Keynote Speaker 2010

University of Vermont

Hampshire College

Amherst Public Schools

Mount Holyoke College

Smith College

Cooper Union

Conway School of Landscape Design

Yestermorrow Design School

Prospect Rock Permaculture

Whole Systems Design

D Acres

Keyline Vermont

The Town of Wendell

The City of Northampton, Zoning Revisioning Committee

The City of Easthampton, Planning Department

Gardening the Community

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom

River Valley Market

Racebrook Lodge

Portland Maine Permaculture


Sample Presentations  

Participatory Design the Art of Organized Chaos, Given at Yestermorrow Design Summer Lecture Series

Permaculture Fundamentals, Given at the Permaculture Your Campus Conference


Permaculture at Occupy Wall Street, Given in the UMass Sustainable Living Class


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