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  • Urban Permaculture Slideshow

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  • Permaculture Principles Flashcards

    I created a card game that explores the permaculture principles through flashcards that give examples of social and ecological applications.

  • Permaculture Parklets

    I created a design for a replicable parklet that also functions as an outdoor classroom for the New England climate and installed it with a permablitz of parents and children in the Wildflower Montessori Schools.

  • Perannial Polycultures for School Gardens in Massachusetts

    I worked with MA Ag in the classroom to solve the problem of annual vegetables needed the most care when students are out of school. We did this by creating a set of perennial polycultures that would be planted and harvested in the spring and fall. We also coupled these bed designs with complementary curriculum.

  • Garage/Cottage

    Using google sketch up I created a mock up of a reuse of an existing 2-car garage into a tiny house. The image was used by the City of Northampton Re-Zoning committee as they discussed new zoning for small lots.