Mobile Design Lab

The Mobile Design Lab uses permaculture design to create and facilitate events that engage and empower people to design and build a socially just, ecological and equitable world. You will find us traveling by bike trailer, our mobile design station, and by backpack armed with trace paper, markers and a few of our favorite tools. Join us for a workshop, hire us to do design work or give a talk in your community.

One thought on “Mobile Design Lab

  1. Lisa and Javiera, I was wondering about your use of permiable paving/depaving and if we could talk about it’s application. I have an area where I wonder if it will work. Jono Neiger and a crew did some work for me at my house a few years back (a swale) and now it seems I need more creative ideas for the adjoining area. My huber is 413-230-3102, if you care to call me. Thanks! Rebecca

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